KUDOS -October/November/December 2012


Positive comments made regarding Community Care Ambulance’s exceptional staff –

  • CCA transported a customer’s spouse free of charge for his wife’s funeral and calling hours. The family was very appreciative. KUDOS to CCA staff for providing extra help to those in need.
  • A Briar Hill patient called Julie to thank us for our services and complimenting our staff, especially Dennis Battles, Frank Perry & Larrie Malobenski – She said that they all were very nice and showed great care and concern while she was in need of transport while at Briar Hill. She is back home and wanted to let us know her appreciation. KUDOS to Dennis, Frank and Larrie for another job well done!!
  • CCA received a certificate of recognition from ACMC for “…helping a family with no cost transport due to a late discharge, wife could not drive”. KUDOS to CCA staff! Another example of achieving the mission of customer superior satisfaction.
  • This KUDOS goes to Gail Deemer involving an opportunity for improvement she identified during a city EMS call response to Ashtabula Area City Schools Primary Campus. The location of the call was an annex into the City and at one time out of City Limits.  The EMS call was toned out and the crew went enroute and asked for clarification as this was thought to be SFD jurisdiction. There was no delay in response or process for EMS.  Gail sent a very nice idea for improvement to Amy informing her that AFD was working on mapping and her husband would share the AACS map with CCA and we would further educate the crews on this as there was confusion. From Gail’s suggestion we added the schools to the mapping discussion in comps and reviewed with all employees as it was a change to our normal City limits.   A map of campus was placed in the Control Center and has been copied, laminated and placed in all squads followed by communication to the crews.  This is great enhancement to our AEMS response! KUDOS to Gail for bringing the suggestion to the team and assisting in bringing this project to the final stages allowing us to better serve our community.
  • This KUDOS was received through Amanda in the Billing department when a patient called in to make a payment on her accounts and said that the crew Sarah Hall and Tim Balogh that took care of her were absolutely wonderful people! KUDOS to Sarah and Tim for making a positive impact on our customers – thank you!!
  • KUDOS to Frank Perry from a Burton Healthcare patient.  The patient advised that the times Frank has driven her it has been great.  He drives the speed limit and takes great care of her.  He is very personable and makes sure she is safely strapped in before he leaves.  KUDOS Frank for your customer service and attention to detail!
  • The husband of a patient from Geneva Village called to advise that his wife passed away.  He wanted to let us know about her passing and to also let us know how helpful we have been with her transports and any time she needed an ambulance or w/c.  He was very appreciative of all our help. KUDOS to CCA staff for providing high level of quality care resulting in a touching comment of appreciation from the patient’s husband. Thank you!
  • KUDOS to everyone who held down the fort in maintaining our home service area while others were deployed for relief of Hurricane Sandy.
  • KUDOS to crews deployed to Hurricane Sandy. A compliment was received from a Documentation Officer regarding paperwork and activity logs submitted on time as well as crews being in uniform. Thank you for representing CCA so well!
  • Chris Brook acknowledged the exceptional housekeeping at Middlefield. KUDOS to the Middlefield crews!
  • Julie stopped into the UH Symposium and Barb Santillo shared with her that she thinks our crews are very caring people. Barb works at the ED at UH and sees our crews bringing patients in and says she always has a good experience with our crews. She mentioned Tony Bernato by name and also Beth Sundman who transported her husband.  A customer recognized an important difference & distinction in our service – let’s maintain that difference!
  • The wife of a patient stated that our services have been wonderful and the staff has been the kindest she has encountered. She wants to make sure that all here understand how kind we are, and how well they have been taken care of.  She said “even the people who answer the phone.” KUDOS to everyone for providing consistent exceptional customer service.
    • Feedback from A-Tech Career Day.  “EMT– Wonderful presentation. Totally hands on. Students learned how to apply pressure to bleeding wounds, how to stabilize a patient with a head injury, how to place a victim on a back board, how to put on a neck brace, how to keep a patient calm and so on. Excellent. Wade (Stitt) was a very prepared presenter. Several students said they would like to be an EMT when they grow up. One student treated his brother that night when he injured his head and was bleeding. He applied pressure with a washcloth until the bleeding stopped. How wonderful is that.” Nice Job Wade!! You made a difference!!

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