Every request for medical transportation is received by Community Care Ambulance’s state-of-the-art Communications Center.

Our dispatchers are nationally certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) and Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD); EMD and EFD are both nationally recognized protocol based life-support system. Our certified dispatchers are trained to provide potentially life-saving instructions to callers.

Certified dispatchers answer each call, entering important response information into a CAD system in real time. Using LIVE GPS Monitoring, dispatchers are able to view the geographic location of each unit in CCA’s system allowing them to respond the closest available ambulance to each request for medical aid.

While en route to the call, medical crews receive turn-by-turn routing instructions further ensuring safe and expedient response times. Each vehicle is equipped with an on board computer.

Additional technology enhancements enables facilities to track their patients throughout the transport process. With our integrated online scheduling platform, our facilities are able to schedule transportation quickly and efficiently at their convenience.

“What’s the Address of the Emergency?”

When calling for help, be prepared to provide your current location and phone number.


Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) was created by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. This system which was created in 1977 by Dr. Jeff Clawson, has been in use for more than 30 years and is now found in more than 3,000 communications centers worldwide, serving more than 300 million people a year. The system includes Cardsets, a three-day education and certification-training course for dispatch users, and quality improvement (QI) benchmarks and training.

EMD certification course attendees learn how to handle difficult callers, identify the correct chief complaint, assign appropriate resources, effectively communicate between responders and callers and provide life-saving support. EMD certification occurs following the completion of 24 hours of training, CPR certification and obtaining a passing score on the final exam.

More information about the Emergency Medical Dispatch course can be found online at emergencydispatch.org

Criticall Testing

Criticall Pre-Employment Dispatch Testing

Community Care Ambulance uses the Criticall software program to test dispatch applicants before they are hired. Criticall is an industry standard in pre-employment testing for Emergency Telecommunicators. Criticall tests your ability to multitask, prioritize, read a map, the ability to recall from memory, data entry, decision making, and ability to comprehend.

While there are no practice tests available, there are resources available here to help you prepare for your Criticall test.

The typical pre-employment process for our Communications Department:

  • Complete Application Online
  • Application is reviewed
  • If the minimum requirements are met, will be contacted to schedule your Testing Session
  • The testing usually averages 90 minutes to complete
  • Test Scores are reviewed
  • If your score is within our range, an Interview will be scheduled

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