KUDOS First Quarter 2014!!



Jan/Feb/Mar 2014

Positive comments made regarding Community Care Ambulance’s exceptional staff –


  • CCA received a KUDO from an employee at Crossroads Hospice regarding a transport on 1-4-14 ,“I used Community Care Ambulance for a very complex transfer. He was on 100% non re-breather and 10L high flow nasal cannula. They were FANTASTIC to work with. He did not decompensate one bit. Amazing. So glad we have a contract with them!” The crew was Vickie Griffin and Roy Nieman, KUDOS Vickie and Roy!!
  • Kudos to Amy Bernato from Maribeth for taking the time to document Medical Necessity examples, as it is a valuable tool! KUDOS Amy for the valuable extra effort!!
  • This KUDO is shared from Amanda Cusano in Billing who received this KUDO when speaking with a patient’s daughter who wanted to thank us very much for our services this day. She really appreciates that we could handle doing this trip even in the terrible weather this day. KUDOS Bill Schiedel!!
  • This KUDO was identified through the OFI process for Mike Goodwill who repaired a mailbox damaged by a squad strike during low visibility within 48 hours of incident, the family was appreciative. KUDOS Mike!!
  • This KUDO was also identified through the OFI process when a doctor’s office expressed appreciation for CCA customer care in locating a patient’s 02 tank and were impressed with our timeliness in calling back.
  • Canal Point thanked the w/c tech, James Akuszewski, for transporting their pt to his brother’s funeral. Their staff said James was very kind and caring to the pt and went above and beyond for him. The pt is grateful and so is the staff. KUDOS James!!
  • A patient’s spouse let us know the great service she experienced with her husband. She said the crew was excellent, and super nice. She described them as a “Rainbow on a raining day”. Patient  was being transported from Tripointe to Rae Ann Nursing Home in Geneva. Upon arrival at Rae Ann, the wife wanted the patient to be transported to their residence. The crew contacted Jim O’Dell and was able to work out the situation and have the patient transported to their home.
  • She was really happy with our service. KUDOS Dawn Spriggs and Dan Klems!!
  • A patient’s family member called and stated that Ashley Shaffer was wonderful and very good. He was impressed with her and how she handled his father’s transportation. Nice work Ashley!!
  • A patient’s mother sent a thank you card stating thank you to everyone who transported her son to and from doctor appointments and his final ride back home from the hospital and for the awesome and wonderful job that CCA service providers always did. She also wrote, “no words can express how thankful I am either!!!” This KUDO is an example of CCA’s mission statement to provide the highest quality healthcare services to the communities we serve resulting in superior satisfaction.
  • The husband of a patient called and stated that she absolutely loved Jake Rice and Brankica Balaban! She said that there was an issue with the patient having an accident on their cot, and they went above and beyond to get him changed and comfortable while the nurse didn’t bat an eye at them. She was so thankful and appreciative because she said she couldn’t have done anything today without them. She also loves our company and speaks very highly about everyone! KUDOS Jake and Brankica!!
  • Controller Heather Gillingham received a call from a patient’s daughter today. She advised that she wanted to send out the highest KUDO possible for both Kayla Swider and Jeff East for a transport. She said in the past six years of her mother being ill and three hospital stays and countless doctor appointments, this was the most swift, professional, caring transport they’d had. She advised that she was originally worried when she saw the size of the crew members because usually, another company would send four “burly men” to transport her mom and they’d stand around for 15 minutes discussing how to extricate her from her room around a tight corner and it would make her mom very upset and nervous. She said she will use our services from here on out and requested the same crew for a future trip. KUDOS Kayla and Jeff!!
  • KUDOS to Supervisor Michael Van Norman for an outstanding job coordinating vehicle services with the additional contracted mechanics to help ensure needed resources are available to serve CCA customers. Thank you very much; your efforts are greatly appreciated!
  • KUDOS to Chris Pildner for overcoming adversity while responding to an EMS call the crew was unable to make their approach to the scene as there was a foot of snow on the unplowed street. Chris continued on foot to the residence carrying all his gear nearly a quarter mile to care for the patient. In turned out the patient was in diabetic ketoacidosis and needed immediate intervention. This patient could not have waited a prolonged period for arrival of snow removal. Chris demonstrated exemplary patient care in battling the Lake Erie snow. KUDOS Chris!!
  • This KUDO comes from an RN at ACMC who wanted to give a big thanks to Jason Coy and Thomas Cassell. They were very helpful during this transportation of a young lady in labor, and wanted everyone to know what a great job they did. KUDOS Jason and Thomas!!
  • This KUDO is for a crew who transported a newly vented patient and goes out to Mike Ferron, Chris Harrisand Corey Stickle who were all EXCELLENT! The nurse said they were very knowledgeable and very good w helping the staff. Even making sure the pt had all new ice packs on him before the transfer and didn’t say anything about having to sit in the ER for a while. KUDOS Mike, Chris, and Corey!!
  • This KUDO goes out to Ed Hutton for his work in dispatching an EMS call where the mother told the crew on scene that the dispatcher was wonderful when she called 911 for her daughter and she kept telling the crew how wonderful they were too. KUDOS Ed Hutton, David Federici, and Jeremiah Smith.
  • This KUDO is submitted by Controller Jim Toth for Jake Rice, Brankica Balaban, and Elena Caruso for unselfishly giving extra effort, they picked up a patient at 1000am and did not drop the patient off until 600 pm. The patient was a pediatric vent patient and they did not get a brake or food all day. Then they went and did another trip for us. They were a great help. KUDOS Jake, Brankica, and Elena!!
  • KUDOS to Nicole Perry! While discussing customer service with the new hires, they were asked them to an example of good service they have received recently. The room was silent for a moment.  Then a new hire spoke up and he stated that good service is hard to find these days, but it was found at Community Care.  He stated that Nicole Perry is helpful, kind, courteous, and compassionate – all the qualities we are looking for in our staff.  Other new hires spoke up and stated that at no time in our hiring process did they not feel welcome nor did they feel like a number. They went on to say rarely did they get voicemail when calling Nicole and if they did, she called them back promptly. KUDOS Nicole!!
  • This KUDO goes to Julie Rose. New hires during orientation mentioned the leadership luncheon.  They were impressed that the CEO came in and sat right next to them to welcome them.
  • This KUDO goes to the Recruitment Project Team. New hires are extremely impressed by the interviewing process and were glad to see that our staff was involved in this process.
  • This KUDO was submitted by Supervisor Bethany Clark for Megan Turk. “On Thursday feb 14 when I came into work I noticed the second floor bathroom was spotless all the dirty dishes near the back sink were gone, the main sink was spotless. I walked into dispatch all desks were wiped down and floors were swept. She had this place looking spotless while still doing all her dispatch duties. She went above and beyond these last two nights to clean and make dispatch look clean and neat!!!!” KUDOS Megan!!
  • This KUDO is submitted by Controller Eric Massie for Michael Van Norman and Michael Goodwill.  They jumped on a truck and helped out a lot today by doing some lette trips and some ambulance trips. It was a big help and very appreciated! KUDOS Michael and Michael!!
  • This KUDO was submitted by a nurse at ACMC for Kevin Emery and Kurt Hanson’s assistance in the ER when they brought in a patient who unexpectedly arrested. KUDOS Kevin and Kurt!!
  • A Physicians Assistant from Geauga ER reached out to say KUDOS to Elena Caruso and Ashley Calaway for a patient they brought in from Cardinal Woods.  They were patient advocates and did their own assessment and determined the patient was a medical patient and helped this patient as Geauga was informed they were receiving a psych patient from facility. KUDOS Elena and Ashley!!
  • This KUDO is submitted by Operations Manager Amy Bernato who, when arriving one morning observed Tom Cassell, Doug Clough, and Kurt Hanson assisting in washing every truck in the bay!! KUDOS Tom, Doug, and Kurt!!
  • This KUDO was submitted by Supervisor Michael Van Norman for Ronda Mullins, Charles Deutsch and Ryan Slaybaugh who were busy in the Geneva base and still managed to find the time to keep the station neat and clean. Everything was put away– no supplies lying out, no bags of linens piled up, and the garbage wasn’t overflowing– the carpet was recently swept and the floors moped. Great job guys, thank you. This is a good example for all your colleagues to follow. KUDOS Ronda, Charles, and Ryan!!
  • This KUDO is submitted by Operations Manager Paula Shenal for South Central Ambulance District (SCAD) and Montville Fire Department regarding an EMS call for a female vomiting and not feeling well while driving through Huntsburg. When CCA crew Courtney Schroeter and Dee Leininger arrived, bystanders were doing CPR.  They had already requested back up and Montville FD was enroute.  SCAD was transporting to Geauga at the time and stopped to assist.  Shortly thereafter, Montville FD arrived to assist. After crew returned, they stated although the outcome was not favorable, it was a tremendous display of teamwork. Paula called SCAD to thank them and also called the Chief at Montville. The Chief was happy to hear from us as we help them many times and we make “good neighbors”. KUDOS to the teamwork!!
  • This KUDO is passed on by Robin in Billing which was received when the patient called and said Dave and Matt were very nice to her and got her to her destination quickly and safely. She wanted to say “thanks” to them. KUDOS David Stanfield and Matt Shaughnessy
  • This KUDO was submitted on a thank you card by a patient who thanked Customer Relations Director Chris Brook for making arrangements and crew members Elaina Caruso, Ashley Callaway, Jason Coy, and Justin Stuper for their help in transporting the patient. The front of the card read, “Because of good-hearted people like you this world is a better place.”
  • KUDOS to the Employee Fun Project Team for their efforts in throwing the Winter Party. Everything was great – the Las Vegas decorations, games, food, roulette wheel cake, and yes, we found out Elvis is not dead!!
  • KUDOS to Jennifer McCoy in Warrensville for recognizing the importance and impact of proper documentation. She playfully dubbed the missing report board the “wall of shame” and pointed out to her coworkers that her name is nowhere up there. KUDOS Jennifer for setting an example for proper documentation!!

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