KUDOS April/May/June 2013



April/May/June 2013

Positive comments made regarding Community Care Ambulance’s exceptional staff –


  • Elena Caruso received big KUDOS from a woman who was transported by her.  The patient commented Elenawas very sweet to talk to and gave great care. Consistent quality care separates CCA from the competition. KUDOS Elena!!
  • Jack Schiness unselfishly helped a new team member with equipment refresher training to conduct a lette transport.  Jack, in his caring nature, called back after his off time for an update on the trip.  Jack, thank you for helping a team member provide quality service to a patient. KUDOS Jack!!
  • A customer has high praise for Bud Waller, informing he had a great conversation with Bud and the ride home was very enjoyable. KUDOS Bud!! Thanks for making the patient feel at ease.
  • A customer called to thank us for our service in taking her mom home for Easter dinner and said that the driver was wonderful. Justin was nice and happy and she wanted to make sure Justin Stuper got recognition.  KUDOS Justin for expressing a positive attitude resulting in an enjoyable experience for the customer – nice job!!
  • Great job with the Andover health fair!  Hundreds of people showed up, not to mention the many vendors who stopped by.  There were approx 40 vendors at the event.  The event went extremely well and CCA staff looked good throughout the event.  Kayla Poore and Kurt Hansen did a fantastic job.  As people walked by they asked them if they wanted B/P’s and Blood Sugars done. Kayla and Kurt conducted probably over 100 tests. Corey Stickle and Tiffany Fisher were part of the team that made this all possible. KUDOS to everyone involved in the Andover Health Fair!!
  • KUDOS from Dave Feeney to Communication Center (again) for awesome logistics on lift assist. Eagle point facility EMS to GRH ED. Dave said it ran smoothly with no hiccups.  Did not need to ask for anything, all provided and appropriate help sent. Thanks Dave for sending recognition for a job well done by all – greatly appreciated!!
  • Dave Feeney submitted a KUDO for a job well done by team members (above) and now Dave Feeney is the recipient explained the holes we currently have and the situation to Dave Feeney. Dave was more than willing to temporarily give up his shifts. He has rearranged times and places for 4 weeks and he temporarily filled a much needed float position in the Ashtabula zone. Dave thank you for your willingness to help out.  Fantastic team work Dave, KUDOS!
  • KUDOS to Randy Poore and Tim Balogh. On a April 10th transport from ARC to Mentor wait and return – patient called to express her thanks to this crew for being so kind and making her feel comfortable.  Awesome job Randy and Tim – thank you!!
  • KUDOS to Jake Rice and Brankica Balaban for excellent patient advocacy and customer service in a UH Geneva to CWNH transport.  Both Jake and Brankica went to great lengths to make sure the patient’s need were going to be met and the sending facilities needs were met all with a smile and delivering superior customer service! KUDOS Jake and Brankica!!
  • Jim Akuszewski had an 1830 off time this day and CCA had an 1830 pick up for a patient in Oakwood. The Controller asked if Jim would hold over to take the patient home, Jim unselfishly said he would and did so after he had been trying to coordinate stop at Tyler Urgent Care to get his TB Test Read. KUDOS Jim!
  • Justin Stuper expressed appreciation for Dwayne Neider and Dave Shumate for their efforts in dispatching an Ash 911 call for an unresponsive on scene patient who was still breathing but a critical stroke patient. The Communication Center called over the radio and asked the crew if they wanted fire for assistance lifting or treating the patient at that time. Justin said no, due to the patient’s condition he needed to be transported right away and did not have time to wait on engine for assistance. The Communication Center then toned out fire anyway to provide support. When Justin got back to the station he asked Dwayne and Dave why they toned out fire and they said they could tell that there was something in Justin’s voice over the radio that they thought the crew could really use the assistance. Justin said the assistance was needed and made patient care that much better. Dwayne and Dave showed great attention to detail and are really connected with crew members to be able to know when something is just is not right. Justin says “thanks again to them a huge KUDOS thanks for all you do.” And thank you Justin for submitting this KUDO for you appreciation of your team members in the Communication Cnter.
  • A patient that was involved in an ATV crash/roll over called to give a huge thank you to Eric Dugan and Rita Stroyny for the help they gave him.  He said they were very nice, and wanted CCA to know how much he appreciated their help. Awesome job Eric and Rita!!
  • An EMS call at Carington Park – Facility called this morning to thank this crew for being so kind and gentle with the patient.   Thank you Lee Santos and Mike Bernato and KUDOS to you!
  • A representative from ARC had called and left a message to share KUDOS for Randy Poore and Tim Balogh – They transported Carol on April 10th to Mentor for a wait and return appointment and she wanted us aware how kind “those boys” were to her and to say thank you.  KUDOS Randy and Tim!!
  • The spouse of a transported patient called to express her sincere gratitude and thank you to the two young men that acted beyond their years when helping her husband with a head laceration.  She also added that they as dairy farmers, have had interaction with ambulances before, and not to insult other companies, she see’s that CCA is in it for real, that we have what it takes.  We are courteous and professional. She mentioned how while her husband was being transported for a brain bleed, another ambulance service had to turn around and go back for their clipboard. KUDOS to Chris Pildner and Matt Carver!!
  • Peter Bean received a really nice card from a shuttle patient.  She said in her card that Pete is always so nice and her rides were always fun because of him and his patience. KUDOS Peter!!
  • KUDOS to Paula Shenal for replacing a turn signal on squad 12 without requiring the vehicle to be driven to Ashtabula for the “minor” repair (Paula did say it took some work as there were corrosion issues she had to work thru in replacing the bulb). Nice job Paula!!
  • A new hire, Richard James rode with Allison Chavero and Ed Stiit and praised the crew to Paula when she was getting an update on Richard’s day. Richard was extremely impressed at the friendliness of all our staff and he is extremely excited and eager to do more. KUDOS Allison and Ed!! And thank you Richard for sharing the positive comments.
  • Larry Clark brought Amy a card from the Administrator of the Altercare of Mayfield facility thanking Larryfor doing an IV start and stated CCA has been very helpful to them and they enjoy working with us.  Larrystated the administrator approached him and was very pleasant. Larry took the opportunity to discuss further the services and customer service approach of CCA. Nice job Larry in providing quality care and for sharing the good news about CCA!!
  • Marketing Director Briar Blossom and Holly Hill was speaking highly of CCA during her June 2013 Geauga County Chamber of Commerce presentation on aging in Geauga County. She mentioned CCA for Middlefield and wheel chair services and spoke more on the shuttle service and the department of aging folks who were in attendance really like Larrie Malobenski. After her presentation she and the owner were talking positively to Paula about CCA services and then she mentioned she is the aunt of Ashley Wickert and expressed appreciation and gratitude for CCA’s part in helping the family through rough times.
  • Carrie Bradbury shared during a call regarding an invoice for an Interstate Battery the representative informed Carrie he was Ashley’s uncle. He took the opportunity on the phone with Carrie to thank CCA for everything we did and said the family really appreciated it. Ashley is remembered and sadly missed.
  •  KUDOS to Tom McHugh for his 4,341 hours and 12 years of volunteer services to the veterans. Tom has be a dedicated volunteer with the Voluntary Service Program of Erie VA Medical Center. The Department of Veterans Affairs recently awarded Tom with a certificate to show their appreciation for his exceptional commitment to helping others. KUDOS Tom!!
  • KUDOS to Tonya Chance and EMT Mario Fiorrito for their professional and quick response to a traumatic event. They reacted immediately to the situation – putting on gloves while jumping out of the truck, rendering what care they could to the victim alongside other providers from another ambulance which was posted nearby; following moving the victim to the ER, our crew returned to their truck. Tonya reported the incident while they made their cot ready. They then continued with their original assignment. It is truly rewarding and inspiring to me- in belonging to a profession- where, despite the challenging, changing and too oft-times dangerous circumstances we may find ourselves in, to have providers such as Tonya and Marioto respond along side with. KUDOS from Michael Van Norman.
  • While dropping off a patient at Heather Hill Area a nurse told Daryl Games she is so happy that we are back with Heather Hill that we were way, way better than other providers. Nice to hear.
  • Both Jake Rice and Jeremiah Smith came to Amy’s office and informed her there was a call off in Dispatch and they were on EMS and suggested to ask Michael Van Norman to cover for one of them till 11 and they would go into the Com center at 3pm. Thank YOU Jake and Jeremiah for bringing a solution to the table and taking the initiative to make sure CCA had the resources we needed. Kudos to the team for being flexible and bringing solutions to the table.

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