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5 Traits of a Strong EMS Leader


Community Care Ambulance provides multi-tiered medical transportation services for Northeastern Ohio. We’re proud to provide the highest quality healthcare services to the communities we serve. This level of service results in superior satisfaction. We’re able to provide the highest quality healthcare services by employing the most advanced technology to assure the quickest response for someone in need of emergent or non-emergent medical transportation services.

Our level of service is also a direct result of the talented team we employ. Since our great people really do make all the difference, we want to take a look at five of the traits that make a strong EMS leader:

1. Listening

If you speak to anyone who has been in the EMS field for a while, chances are they will have at least one unfortunate story about a previous leader who didn’t listen to the his or her team. While leaders need to give direction to their team, knowing how to deliver these types of messages is possible only when a leader takes time to understand team members through listening.

2. Empathy

While EMS work does involve plenty of technical knowledge and skills, it’s really all about the people. This is true for the patients served, as well as all team members. Regardless of who they’re interacting with, the best EMS leaders are able to put themselves in that person’s shoes and have plenty of empathy.

3. Awareness

The awareness found in strong EMS leaders takes several different forms. One of those forms is being aware of team dynamics and knowing when adjustments need to be made. Another form is awareness of different situations or scenarios that may come up. Finally, strong leaders in the EMS field have a lot of self-awareness. Even though it’s not always easy to conduct a completely honest self-evaluation, it’s something that’s absolutely crucial for long-term success as a leader.

4. Conceptualization

The work that every member of an EMS team does on a daily basis is absolutely critical. Although great leaders recognize this, they also know the importance of staying aware of the bigger picture. A great leader is able to balance both outlooks and utilize them to create the best results.

5. Stewardship

The strongest leaders are able to let their egos go and recognize that what really matters is their team, organization and community. With this type of attitude and perspective, leaders are able to eliminate common stumbling blocks and help everyone they work with grow as a whole.

If you’re interested in working as part of a team that takes a lot of pride in offering great leadership and lots of room to thrive, be sure to take a look at our careers page.

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