2010 Stars of Life Honorees


Local Paramedic and EMT’s Awarded American Ambulance Association Star of Life in Washington D.C.

Community Care Ambulance along with some help from our Federal Congressional Delegation recognized three CCA employees for the outstanding service they provide to the community in their field and kicked off the celebration of EMS Week upon returning home.

May 13, 2010—For the 5th year, Community Care Ambulance (CCA) has joined the American Ambulance Association (AAA) to recognize exemplary field providers by traveling to Washington D.C. to celebrate the STARS of Life Program.    Anthony Bernato, Allison Chavero, and Tammy Krenisky were the three candidates chosen this year to receive this award through a nomination from their peers and leadership at CCA.

Anthony Bernato has been employed with CCA for 7 years and is a Certified Critical Care Paramedic.   Anthony is also an Assistant EMS, ACLS and BLS Instructor for CCA and is always making time to keep his fellow co-workers updated with the newest treatments and protocols.  Most recently, he returned home safely from Afghanistan where he proudly served as a U.S. ARMY Combat Medic in a level one trauma theater.  Anthony truly is an advocate for the patient and he demonstrates this through his actions each day.   Anthony is a very important part of the team at CCA!

Allison Chevaro has been employed with CCA for 3 years as an EMT.  Allison is frequently utilized as a preceptor where her innate ability to effectively communicate with patients, co-workers, and community members demonstrates her excellent knowledge, wisdom and willingness to share in the field.  CCA receives many compliments regarding Allison from our patients, facilities, and leadership staff on a continuous basis.  Allison is an exceptionally valuable asset to CCA.

Tammy Krenisky has been an EMT with CCA for 4 years.  Her unwavering dedication to the EMS profession has been displayed through her professionalism and her continued ability to take any task and excel.  Tammy is a strong group leader and is a positive influence in her daily interactions with her co-worker’s, she is also being recognized for being an enthusiastic preceptor for CCA’s new hire program.  Tammy is constantly taking that extra step to assist others; she really is a Star of Life!

All three individuals have demonstrated their abilities in the EMS field and are well respected by CCA.  These three candidates were nominated knowing they would well represent CCA and all EMS professionals as they visited our nation’s Capitol and met with our Congressional Delegation to discuss key issues facing EMS.

The Stars of Life is a special program because its sole purpose is to publicly recognize the achievements of these individuals on the Hill in Washington D.C.  CCA would also like to recognize and congratulate the additional 30 employees that were nominated as possible participants in the STARS program in Washington D.C.   They nominees were:  Brett Anderson, Amy Bernato, Mark Camplese, Tonya Chance, Larry Clark, Tom Clay, Gerald D’ Amico, Mike Ferron, Jason Fellows, Jim Gerbasi, Mike Goodwill, Rob Hartley, Alex Hearn, Marie Herbster, Joe Huston, Norm Jepson, Jane Lobaugh, Brandon Nelling, Tom Nobilio, Ken Olp, Kelly Peterson, Roger Pintchuck, Jim Puffenbarger, Dave Radabaugh, Erin Roesch, Bob Schein, Jill Spellman, Ronda Styzej, Beth Sundman, and Sara Teston.

The STARS, Anthony Bernato, Allison Chavero, and Tammy Krenisky along with Julie Rose, CCA Executive Director and member of the  AAA Board of Directors began their celebration in D.C. by attending a luncheon to recognize EMS individuals from across the nation.  These individuals were awarded medals as a symbol of appreciation for all that they have done as leading EMS professionals.  During the trip, the STARS met with their Congressional Delegation and advocated for Legislation that they felt was in the best interest of all EMS providers, including requesting parity for their fellow EMS professionals to receive Line of Duty Death Benefits in case of such a tragic event.

Back home the STARS and CCA are gearing up to celebrate the nationally recognized EMS week held May 17th through the 23rd.  National Emergency Medical Services Week is designated to encourage awareness of our nation’s EMS system to the public, and to celebrate and honor our EMS field providers who demonstrate selflessness and consummate professionalism while they dedicate their lives to helping other people.  EMS week is honored and recognized in our area by local hospitals and the community for both private and public EMS providers.

Supervisor Jim O’Dell (past Star of Life) explains on behalf of the entire leadership team what CCA feels is the meaning behind EMS week:  “At CCA we strive to let the entire group of field providers know that their services are greatly appreciated by not just their patients, but by everyone touched by this field.  Most people don’t get into this field work for “thank you’s”, they do their job because they want to, and they love it.  We and all others who are acknowledging EMS week want to be sure that each of them gets a thank you.”  CCA EPIQ Manager Amy Bernato shares:   “At CCA we use EMS week as an opportunity to look back and look ahead in our careers in EMS.  As providers, we really take the time to think about what we have learned over the years and we focus on how we will evolve as a provider group and the many things we have yet to learn.”

As a part of EMS week CCA is asking our communities to please take the time to recognize the outstanding service your local EMS providers bring to your community.  We feel that by participating in both local and nationally recognized EMS events we are helping to bring home the message of the importance of Emergency Medical Services.

Community Care Ambulance (CCA) is a private, regional, non-profit organization established in 1994 and headquartered in Ashtabula, with satellite stations in Geauga and Lake Counties.  CCA provides community 9-1-1 services, critical care transports, and non-emergency ambulance transports in the Northeast Ohio Region.   CCA is proud to employ over 150 professionals in three counties.  CCA Mission Statement:  Community Care Ambulance will provide the highest quality healthcare services to the communities we serve resulting in superior satisfaction.  CCA’s corporate office  phone number is (440) 992-7302.

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