KUDOS – January/February/March 2013


Positive comments made regarding Community Care Ambulance’s exceptional staff –


  • A patient informed Robin in Billing she was very happy with the care she received from Russell Spencer/ Jeff Tennant. She said they made a bad situation bearable and the crew member who rendered care – Jeff – had great bedside manner. She wants them to know how much their care meant to her. Thank you Russell and Jeff for your caring approach for CCA patients. KUDOS!
  • Terry from the Seidman Cancer center called informing Daryl Games was transporting a patient from Altercare of Mentor.  She said that Daryl could not have been sweeter to this patient.  He has been treating her with TLC and taking very good care of her including waiting right with her.  She said everyone calls about the bad stuff and she wanted to express the good. Very nice to hear and we are glad Terry chose to share the good with us. KUDOS Daryl for providing such a high level of consistent quality care to motivate a customer administrator to share the good with CCA!
  • The spouse of a patient called to check on a bill and informed he is very happy with our service and will be calling us again as we will now be his ambulance /lette provider of choice. He says we were very nice to him and his wife who is CCA’s patient.
  • A patient called about future transports and RAVED about the crew that took her to Hillcrest. The crew was Dave Harmon and Kyle White – because of their exceptional care she wants us to be the ONLY ambulance service for her. KUDOS and excellent job Dave and Kyle!
  • This KUDOS comes from Amy when she walked down to the juice bar to check on the rising waters to find Bud Waller already sweeping and working on getting about 2-3 inches of water out from around the juice bar.  Bud and Amy worked for about 25 minutes to get the water out and placed some sand bags (each weighing about 50 lbs) around the low spots to encourage the water to route back to the bay area to the drains.  Bud made mention that he had been pushing the water out off and on today and didn’t want to see any damage from it. Thank you Bud for taking initiative and helping out when/where needed.
  • This KUDOS comes from Norm who witnessed Richard Schoville helping out as well with water drainage issues. Thank you Richard!
  • KUDOS to Tim Balogh and Brian Kaiser from a patient in pain who appreciated the care she received while moving her from her residence on the fourth floor. Nice job Tim and Brian!
  • Gail submitted KUDOS for her co-workers for their handling a situation of computer/server problems. “Through Lee’s quick efforts he readily got keys and ran around to make it up to the third floor to get the server restarted and things up and running again, Lee turned a situation that could have been really ugly into a very successful ending. I think Lee should be highly commended for his quick efforts and getting the situation under control.   Thanks Gail Deemer.” Jeff Lampson agreed saying Lee did an outstanding job in getting the server back up and running. KUDOS Lee and to you to Gail for recognizing the efforts of a co-worker.
  • Amy’s aunt informed us how wonderful Joe Huston and Christian Bonk were with a patient who needed transport to ACMC for Peg Tube change and celebrated her 95th birthday.  She said Joe and Christian were very gentle and kind explaining everything to them. Nice job!!
  • Mark Burcaw brought a stroke patient into Geauga ER and Kelly Pintchuk was doing PA orientation and mentioned that Mark rocked the Stroke and deserved good recognition.  KUDOS Mark and thank you Kelly for recognizing Mark’s efforts.
  • This KUDOS comes from Paula who received a call the spouse of a patient.  Mark Burcaw and Russell Spencertransported her husband from their residence in Middlefield to Russell Funeral Home.  Mrs. Roach could not say enough about the caring shown by Mark and Russell at this difficult time in her life.  She stated that Mark explained what they were going to do through each step of the process of moving her husband.  She stated that Mark was comforting in his kind words to her and that they both took care of her husband as if they were family as well.  It was very emotional for her to say all this without crying.  I thanked her for her kind words and promised her I would let Mark and Russell know as well.  She thanked us for our services. Thank you Mark and Russell for your exceptional customer service – KUDOS!
  • Mark Camplese shared his recognition for Jonathan Richardson. Mark said Jonathan is doing a really good job as a new Medic stating Jonathan has had two arrests and has “jumped right in there doing his thing” (can you hear Mark saying those words!) without hesitation and families have expressed appreciation. KUDOSJonathan for you on your growing career and developing skills, and tank you Mark for recognizing a co-worker!
  • Shaun Finley and Mike Goodwill received KUDOS from a patient who said he was very well taken care of and thought our crew was “the cream of the crop”. KUDOS Shaun and Mike!
  • Julie thanked the Employee Engagement Fun Group Project Team for their hard work in coordinating a great Winter Party where all seemed to have a great time with good food, good music, fun games and awesome prizes. Thank you Mike Ferron, Dawn Green, Amanda Johnson and Amy Bernato for your hard work so that your coworkers could enjoy the party!
  • Jim O’Dell shared a positive message he heard in the Andover area – Jim was at BP in Andover Village and was told that the word around town, is that CCA is doing a good job here, and that people are happy CCA is running EMS. Nice job everyone involved in coordinating the additional Andover area business.
  • A Conneaut shuttle patient wanted everyone to know that she feels that Alan Hensley has been the best driver ever and that they are going to miss him terribly when he goes on vacation. KUDOS Alan! You are making a positive impression in providing exceptional customer service.
  • Chris received a call from a patient’s care giver today regarding the care CCA provides to her patient who is 102!  The caregiver wanted to let us know that we are far superior to any other transportation company out there.  She stated she has used a lot of them and we rank way over the top.  She took the time to specifically name Linda Kaiser and Bud Waller.  She went on and on about the service we provided and were truly appreciative of us.  Great job Linda and Bud and everyone serving CCA patients and customers with exceptional care!
  • A patient called leaving a voice message stating Kevin Emery and Justin Stuper transported her and at first she was upset over losing the PAS service and just wanted to call us and let us know that our crew was compassionate and took excellent care of her and they were very attentive. KUDOS Kevin and Justin!
  • Dave Feeney shared that lift assist at the sending/receiving facilities were plenty and ready upon arrival for a Bari patient weighing 544 lbs. Lift assist at receiving the same. Dave said it went perfectly! Thank you Dave for sharing a positive experience with lift assist coordination.
  • Pat at Signature Health Care informed the people at CCA are caring and compassionate people and she never has any trouble with them.  They make sure the patient is properly taken care of and they do not judge.  She then went on to say that employees of other service providers sometimes make comments and it makes the clients uncomfortable.  She has never had that issue with us and would like to make sure that we handle their transports.  KUDOS everyone for your outstanding performance!
  • Dee Leininger and Courtney Schroeter received KUDOS from a patient who called Billing regarding payment sent. She said we had the best crew and was very happy with the treatment and care given. Way to go Deeand Courtney!!
  • CCA received a thank you note in the mail.  The card stated the following: “I would like to commend and thank the gentleman who drove the van that picked up my mother, this morning @ Briar Hill and drove her to the doctor’s appointment @ Geauga Hospital.  He was so competent and a ray of sunshine on a gray freezing rain and cold morning!! Please be sure to let him know how much this meant to me.”  Thank you! Jack Schinness was the driver for both legs of the trip. KUDOS Jack!!
  • KUDOS to Courtney Schroeter and Dee Leininger for their response to a shooting involving Middlefield police officers. The Chief of Police sent a letter of appreciation to CCA recognizing Courtney and Dee stating, in part, “…they did a commendable service to these officers and then remained on scene until they were properly relieved. I am very proud to be associated with the Community Care Ambulance and all personnel that provided support during this horrific event. Thank you!”
  • KUDOS to everyone at CCA involved in the Honor Guard, Staffing coverage coordination, and expressions of caring and appreciation of Ashley. Ashley’s father shared with CCA that he and Ashley’s mother Gail and her sister Angie felt great appreciation for the expressions of sympathy and respect shown by CCA and staff. Special KUDOS TO Jill for all her help with staffing and Jonathan Richardson for the inspirational video of the memorial service and fond memories of Ashley. In her caring nature Ashley would often send out pages thanking crews for your efforts on busy days…she will be missed.

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