Kudos- February/March 2012


Positive comments made regarding Community Care Ambulance’s exceptional staff –

  • This KUDOS came from CCA RN Barb Welton, “I just want to say a great big thank you to all who were involved in helping to transport my loved one on 12/29/11 to the doctor.  A special thank you to Jim Puffenbarger, Mike Camplese, & Ashley Wickert who made the process so easy!  I am proud to say that CCA is my employer!  I heard that the CCA staff was respectful and considerate; this was especially nice to hear because I was out of town when the transport took place.  I truly can’t thank you enough!”  KUDOS goes out to Jim, Ashley, and Mike for doing an outstanding job for this family!
  • This KUDOS came from Christine Schroeter; she wanted everyone at CCA to know that Ed Stitt and Allison Chavero were phenomenal during the transport for her loved one.  Christine was especially pleased because she said that both of these crew members treated her loved one as if he was one of their family members.  From the beginning of the transport the care and compassion increased throughout the trip allowing her family member to feel very well cared for.  Christine is, as always, so grateful for the care that her loved one receives from CCA.  KUDOS to Allison and Ed for giving the highest level of care to each patient you serve, not only does it mean a lot to the patient, but it touches their family as well.
  • This KUDOS goes to Tommy McHugh!  For some time, Tommy has been volunteering for the VA to transport VA ambulatory patients to VA facilities for treatment.  Tommy has generously listed CCA as an agency receiving credit for his time spent volunteering.  It is impressive that Tommy is so giving of his time to his fellow Veterans and more so that he was kind enough to give credit to CCA for his volunteerism.  Please take the time to acknowledge Tommy’s good work when you see him and remember when 180 individual stars shine…CCA looks like a constellation!  KUDOS Tommy for the good work you do for your Veterans and your Community, we are proud to say you are a part of CCA!
  • On Monday February 6th, 2012 CCA’s Billing Department received a call from the wife of a patient that we transported a few weeks prior.  She wanted everyone at CCA to know that she was extremely pleased with the service her husband received during his transport and it was because of the crew who worked with him, they were very kind to him.  KUDOS to Larrie Malobenski and Bud Waller for a job well done!!!
  • This KUDOS goes out to Mike Ferron from Amy Bernato.  In the beginning of February Amy fell ill and was not able to teach a refresher that was scheduled.  Amy contacted Mike the evening prior to see if he would be able to fill this gap for her and cover this training course.  Mike responded very quickly to let Amy know that he could help out.  This KUDOS goes out to Mike Ferron because it is times like these when we need to rely on a fellow co-worker that it is good to know that we work with dedicated and hard-working individuals that will step up when they are needed.  Thank you Mike and KUDOS!
  • This KUDOS goes to Megan Turk for her dedication to her field and for the recognition she received from the American Red Cross for being a professional rescue hero.  Megan is being recognized for following solid practice by prioritizing care in a life and death situation.  Though witnesses to a car accident urged her to care for the less critically injured, Turk assisted the unconscious victim.  That victim was successfully revived by Turk and is now at home with her family.  KUDOS to Megan for instinctively doing what you were trained to do and caring for the victim who was in a critical state.  CCA is proud to have you as part of the team, KUDOS for earning this recognition from the American Red Cross.
  • On February 21, 2012 Crew Jeff Tennant and Joseph Furlan took a trip for a patient from UH Geneva to UH Case.  This patient made it a point to send a note to CCA, thanking both Jeff and Joe for a very nice ride to Cleveland.  KUDOS to Joe and Jeff for giving this patient a great experience on the way to the hospital!
  • On February 21st, 2012 Crew Dee Leininger and Larry Clay responded to a call at Giant Eagle in Middlefield for a lady who fell ill.  Upon arrival the patient was extremely embarrassed and apologetic that they were bothered.  Dee and Larry stated to the patient that it was their duty to help her even though the patient was adamant about not going to the hospital.  After evaluating the patient, it was determined she was ok to go home, Dee and Larry assisted this woman home to her development across the street from the grocery store and helped her with her bags.  Before leaving this crew reassured the patient that if this occurred again, and that if she felt ill later in the day to call 9-1-1.  Both Giant Eagle and the patient thanked the crew several times for their dedication!  KUDOS Dee and Larry for your compassion towards this woman and for the follow through you both provided her with in making sure she returned home safely!
  • This KUDOS comes from crew member Ken Olp.  Ken wanted to share his appreciation specific leadership team members management style in “not treating employees like employees”, instead giving extra effort in caring about employees as individuals.  More specifically he wanted to point out Michael Van Norman helping him when he needed it and staying over and doing extra things, always going above and beyond.  He also wanted to mention Paula Shenal, Ken picked up a shift in the Geauga service area one day and Paula called Ken to let him know how much she appreciated him taking the extra work when CCA needed the help and how much she appreciated another experienced Medic in her area for the day.  Ken also wanted to mention Paula’s rapport with her crew members in Geauga.  Ken was in her office and he witnessed one of the Geauga crew members sticking their head in Paula’s office to let her know their shirt was over and that they were leaving for the night, he thought this sort of open communication was impressive.  KUDOS to Michael Van Norman and Paula Shenal for being great leaders and leaving lasting impressions on the people you work with!
  • This KUDOS goes out to James Puffenbarger who took a wheel chair patient for a trip on March 1st, 2012.  The wife of this patient hand wrote a note to CCA to let everyone know what a wonderful job James did on the transport of her husband.  She stated that, “James was great, he was right on time and was very concerned for the well-being of my husband.  Thank you.”  KUDOS James for a job well done for this family!
  • This KUDOS goes out to Gail, Mike, Sarah, Ed, Debbie, Dwayne, Lee, Jill, and Ashley in the Communications Center from Tiffany Fisher:  “I want to say thank you.  All of you stepped up, pushed hard and although we had a little bit of a rocky start to the month with our 911 Compliance we finished in Grand Style.  For the last 5 days of the month all of you maintained a 100% compliance for 911 Calls with us dispatching out in 60 seconds or less.  This is AWESOME!!!!  We finished the month at 96%.  This is fantastic and I thank each of you for your hard work.  Each of you played a part in this success and you should all be very proud of the job that you do.  Great team work.  KUDOS and Thank you again!  Let’s make March just as successful!”
  • On Sunday evening, March 4th, 2012 several CCA crew members were dispatched to Park Haven for an emergency.  This KUDOS comes from AFD Chief Ron Pristera, “Please thank everyone involved in the response to Park Haven last night.  Your folks did exemplary work.”  KUDOS to everyone involved with helping getting that situation to safety!
  • KUDOS came from the assistance that CCA provided on March 4th for the Park Haven emergency.  Deanna Harris, one of the Ohio EMS Board Members and a flight Nurse on Metro Health Life Flight relayed that the ground crew as well as a friend of hers from AFD said our crews in response that night did an exceptional job! KUDOS to all who were involved with that call, you made CCA and others very proud!
  • This KUDOS comes from Julie Rose, “Green KUDOS to the Concord staff and the Facilities Dept.  Recently we received gas bills for the Concord Station that were as high as the bills for the Ashtabula Station.  Through the OFI process, opportunities to eliminate heat loss were identified and implemented which resulted in cutting the gas bill in half this month!  Way to go team, KUDOS!!!!
  • A Wheel Chair patient called into the Communications Center to schedule a transport for an appointment she had during the upcoming week.  This patient requested to have Bud Waller drive her to her appointment if he was working that day because she really enjoys having him drive her and thinks he is great at what he does!  She went on to say that she trusts his driving and he is always pleasant to her.  This patient also wanted to let CCA know that there are some great people who work with CCA, Steve Heglund, Peter Bean, Chris Harris, Mike Goodwill, and Elena Caruso.  She wanted to make sure CCA knew how much she appreciates these employees who have help her and who she thought were great!  KUDOS to all crew members mentioned above for giving this patient exceptional care, the work you did to help her really has a lasting effect and makes people feel so much better about their transports to and from medical appointments!
  • On March 12, 2012 the daughter of a patient called in to our Communications Center to let us know that all of the drivers that have taken her mother to and from her doctor’s appointments have been very kind and gentle.  She couldn’t say enough good things about our drivers and how they care for her Mother during the transports.  KUDOS to Richard Schoville, Dennis Battles, Steve Heglund, and James Puffenbarger for your exceptional care to CCA’s patients!
  • This KUDOS comes from Julie Rose and goes to crew members Chris Gardner, Wade Stitt, and Mike Bernatofor taking the initiative to clean out and organize the juice bar and the cabinets underneath, behind the juice bar, and the counter space to provide a better place to charge equipment requiring power outlets.  They also made a space for someone to be able to sit to complete their reports.  The area looks great, clean and organized!  KUDOS to Chris, Wade, Michael, and anyone else who may have joined the effort to make the juice bar look so much more presentable and efficient for our crews!

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