Kudos – December/January 2011-2012


Positive comments made regarding Community Care Ambulance’s exceptional staff –

  • This KUDOS came from the billing office for Thomas (Tommy) McHugh.  Tommy is doing a wonderful job being CCA’s custodian!  The attention to detail and upkeep is impressive; we haven’t had consistency like this for many years!  KUDOS Tommy for a job well done, keep up the hard work!
  • On December 6th the Communications Center got a phone call from the Geneva Fire Department to extend their appreciation to our crew Ryan Slaybaugh and Forrest Post as they came upon a MVA run.  The Fire Department wanted senior management to know that this crew’s help that day was very much appreciated.  KUDOS to Ryan and Forrest for assisting the Geneva Fire Department and being so helpful, GFD is a great support system for CCA and we are glad to know (because of crews like you) that we are for them as well!
  • On Monday December 12th, Paula Shenal and Michael Van Norman were needed on the Admin truck for a large part of the day.  They went where we needed them to and did a fantastic job.  They also took a STAT trip out of UH Conneaut, after they had just brought one in and they were extremely timely.  The patient had a sawing accident and needed the quick response.  KUDOS to Paula and Mike for doing an exceptional job for CCA on a busy day!
  • On December 10th CCA hosted the Kids Christmas Party 2011!  We had nearly 40 people attend and enjoyed delicious pasta & meatballs, pizza, salad, hot cocoa and desserts.  We also got a visit from Santa Clause himself to pass out gifts to all the children…they were overjoyed!  We ended the party with cookie decorating and crafts.  It was an enjoyable afternoon and most importantly, the kids seemed to be having a blast!  KUDOS to the FUN/Community Events Team (Mike F., Tiffany, Amy, Dawn, Amanda, Traci, Danielle, and Sarah) for orchestrating this party.  All your hard work and thought behind the entertainment for the kids was awesome!  We will look forward to next year!
  • On 12/31/11 there was an article in the Star Beacon from the family of a patient we help many times.  This article specifically thanked the crew members for the tender care of their father on his last trip to hospital.  KUDOS to the crews involved with giving this patient exceptional care!  CCA is proud of the recognition you earned from this family, great job!
  • This year CCA was able to team up with UH to offer a CPR Education in various schools across our county.  CCA and UH assisted 115 students in the Geneva Area School system, 110 students in the Ashtabula Area School system, and 83 students in the Jefferson Area School system.  In total, we help 308 students this year to gain CPR education in our county.  KUDOS to Corey Stickle and all CCA employees who helped make this success possible!  CCA’s goal for 2012 is to educate 365 more individuals in the communities we serve on the importance of being educated in CPR.  This type of community involvement is something we can all be proud of!
  • Sharon Barber RN at ACMC, wanted to let CCA know that Aaron Gilmer is always in a good mood and gives awesome patient reports, always having everything done in a timely manner.  KUDOS to crew member Aaron Gilmer for doing excellent work which got you noticed by one of the professionals we work with on a daily basis.  CCA is very proud!!!                JAR
  • Recently, ATFD Asst. Chief complimented Controller Dwayne Nieder.  He wanted CCA to know how impressed he was that he held his composure and kept professional during a difficult situation.    KUDOS to Dwayne for being a consummate professional in your field!
  • On Jan 17th, a local Funeral Home dropped off flowers from a family CCA served many times. The family wanted CCA to have them, as we have transported this patient since 2009, to and from Austinburg Rehab.  KUDOS to crew members Bonnie Adley, Chris Pildner , Mickey Simko, and many more who may have transported this patient in the past.  KUDOS for giving excellent patient care during the times you transported this patient!
  • A special thanks to the Communication Center (from Tiffany Fisher) for all the schedule changes in the past 3 weeks.  Everyone pitched in and worked different hours and overtime hours and not one person has complained about it.  We had a lot of open spaces in the schedule due to vacations and illness, and the Controllers made it work.  Thank you Comm. Center for your hard work!  A special thanks to Mike Ferron as he was my partner for the last week and we made it through some days with just the two of us in the Comm. Center, working late hours.  KUDOS to everyone in the Communications Center for pulling together when it counts!
  • The Billing Department received kudos from a patient for run #32386: The 2 men that helped me were great!  Very kind and treated me right away.  Thank you!  Crew was Jason Coy and Chris Harris.  KUDOS to Jason and Chris for giving the patient outstanding care!
  • CCA received a call from Sandy at UH Conneaut ICU to inform us that she, and the rest of the ICU staff thought Louis Santiago was absolutely wonderful.  He was there to transport a patient.  According to Sandy, the patient came to them without any personal clothing, so when sending him, they had wrapped some blankets around him for transport.  When Louis arrived and discovered this, he placed his own coat on the patient to protect him from the elements during transfer.  Sandy stated that he was absolutely wonderful, and he really went above and beyond giving this patient his own coat for the ride.  The patient’s family was there, and everyone was thrilled with his care.  Sandy wanted to make sure that we were aware of this act, as they feel it was worthy of praise.  KUDOS Louis for your attention to detail while caring for your patients.  CCA is proud!
  • During the week of December 16th, CCA had challenges navigating through OFI’s.  This KUDOS goes to Paula Shenal and Jim O’Dell and Operations for their hard work to help during this week, and more specifically their dedication towards applying their incident investigation training and the new policy.  This is a great example of how working together and working within the guidelines of a CCA Policy will get the results we are looking for more timely.  KUDOS to OPS, Paula, and Jim for a job well done!

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