Kudos- April/May 2012


Positive comments made regarding Community Care Ambulance’s exceptional staff –

  • This KUDOS came from Lake Orthopedic Associates, on May 4th Daryl Games was on a transport and stayed at the facility to give further help with a patient.  The facility called in to CCA later that week and spoke to Jim O’Dell to let him know that our employee Daryl went over and above that day, they appreciated his compassion and dedication.  KUDOS Daryl for putting patient care first!!!
  • This KUDOS came from a patient’s husband to Tom Wilhelm and Linda Lyle.  He thanked you both very much for the good transport for his wife; he was very impressed with the level of service provided.  He further stated they would use CCA again in future if needed.  KUDOS to Tom and Linda for giving this family a high-quality experience!
  • This KUDOS goes to Paul Murphy and Eric Petersen from Maribeth Ecklund.  Paul and Eric transported a family member of Maribeth’s from Tri-Point to Alter Care.  Maribeth and her Sister were extremely pleased with how well this crew handled their loved one.  This crew was extremely delicate with the patient and that was much appreciated.  KUDOS to Paul and Eric for providing first class patient care.
  • On May 4th crew Forrest Post and Matt Harman cleaned Station 6; this crew also took 10 bags of dirty linen to GRH.  When crew members take pride in the buildings in which they work and clean-up without being asked to do so, it is indication employees are empowered and engaged in their work.   It is impressive that both Matt and Forrest went out of their way to make the Station look nice for everyone, KUDOS!
  • This KUDOS goes out to 2012 STARS Ed Stitt and Joe Huston.   Both Ed and Joe were very deserving of the selection to be a 2012 STARS on Capitol Hill, the time spent in D.C. was most enjoyable and watching them accept their awards was a VERY proud moment for everyone.  KUDOS to you both for always representing CCA well and working hard!
  • This KUDOS goes to Ronda Mullins and Rita Stroyny.  CCA received a call from the sister of a patient this crew transported on April 27th; she wanted CCA to know that these two women made a nerve shattering experience much easier for her family member.  Their sense of calmness really helped to ease the patient and this resulted in a much more enjoyable day for the patient.  KUDOS to both Rita and Rhonda for being able to sense the feelings of this patient and go over and above to accommodate and make her comfortable.
  • On April 25th, Manager Paula Shenal was at Burton Health Care.  While there, she received KUDOS to Jack Schinness, the facility said that Jack is wonderful to work with and the patients he serves love his attitude and timeliness.  They further stated that Jack is always personable with the patients and the patients always smile when they see him walking down the hall.  KUDOS to Jack Schinness for giving your patients the BEST service…with a smile!
  • This KUDOS also comes from Burton Health Care, to Tiffany Fisher.   At the end of April there were some billing issues to straighten out and information was needed for details of trips.  Pat from Burton stated that Tiffany is extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable.  As the facility worked through the billing questions, Tiffany was a life-line and was able to clarify many issues immediately.  KUDOS to Tiffany for always proving exceptional customer service to our facilities, and thank you!
  • This KUDOS comes from a patient satisfaction survey that was received back in mail late April.  KUDOS went to crew Jeff East and Tom Wilhelm from the patient.  “Jeff and Tom were very attentive to me, they never left my side and were able to tell me step by step what they were about to do to help me.”  KUDOS Jeff and Tom for providing exceptional service to this patient, it is impressive when it comes straight from the people you serve.
  • This KUDOS goes out to crew Aaron Gilmer and Justin Stuper from a patient who filled out a satisfaction form.  The patient said, “This was a positive experience, the EMT’s couldn’t improve my condition, but were able to start an IV for ACMC and did so on first attempt and made me comfortable.”  KUDOS to Aaron and Justin for a job well done for your patient!
  • This KUDOS goes out to crew Jonathan Richardson and Erin Tennant and came from a family member of a patient for whom you cared.  The family stated, “Kudos to Erin and Jonathan, they provided excellent service.”  Nice job to both of you!
  • On April 12th CCA received a hand-written note from the daughter of a patient transported by Dennis Battles.  The daughter wrote, “I just wanted to let everyone at CCA know how much I appreciated having Dennis as my Mom’s driver for her medical appointment.  He was kind and polite throughout the entire trip.  Dennis is a true professional and served as a perfect example of Grace under Fire.  Kudos to Dennis for making a pleasant trip out of a stressful and frustrating circumstance.  He truly is an asset to your company!”  Dennis, we are all proud of your hard work and effort and your dedication to your patients, thank you!
  • KUDOS came from Manager Amy Bernato to Chris Gardner and Mike Bernato.  On the evening of April 11thCCA has a Medic staffing opening in Ashtabula.  Amy made a call to this crew and asked if either would be interested in staying over to cover the end of the shift.  Both quickly agreed if needed and Amy was able to fill the hole.  Amy stated, “it is nice to have the teamwork instead of negative interactions, it was awesome to work together to get things covered, thank you.”  Kudos to Chris and Mike for stepping up when help is needed, that is impressive.
  • This KUDOS comes from Middlefield Councilman Hornung.  Hornung stated that CCA Middlefield rescue responded to a friend of his home for an emergency.  He said the crew showed such compassion and caring for the patient and he wanted them all to be thanked, he stated that the level of teamwork was impressive and the call was challenging.  KUDOS to Linda Lyle, Kelly Petersen, Tom Wilhelm and Matt Harman for a great job!
  • This Kudos comes from Michael Van Norman to crew members Megan Turk and Kurt Hansen.  Megan and Kurt spent an hour of downtime thoroughly cleaning Station 2 quarters.  It is inspiring, appreciated and everyone benefits when a crew chooses to spend their downtime making their Station more enjoyable for everyone, thank you…and KUDOS!
  • On April 2nd CCA received a call from a patient to give KUDOS to driver Bob Baird.   The patient stated that during transport Bob received a call on his cell phone.  Bob quickly notified the patient that it was a work related call from the dispatch center; he then slowed down and pulled over to a safe area to address the phone call.  The patient went on to say how polite and professional Bob was on the phone call and he concluded in a timely manner.  KUDOS to Bob for putting patient safety first, it was noticed and much appreciated by the patient and CCA!
  • This KUDOS comes from Gina Ziegler and Tom Clay to Dwayne Nieder.  On 2/10/12 Dwayne dispatched this crew to UH Geauga for a trip out of the ER.  Crew in route, Dwayne received a call from Geauga’s Maternity Unit for a woman 23 weeks pregnant who had her water break.  Dwayne diverted crew Gina and Tom from the ER trip to handle this emergency labor call.  The Doctor in the maternity unit was very thankful to the crew and the dispatcher who made the call to get the crew there quickly.  The timely response was crucial in this case.  Gina and Tom want to send KUDOS to Dwayne and make sure he knows they think he is doing an exceptional job in the Comm. Center.
  • This Kudos comes from Manager Amy Bernato to Fred Klingman and Chris Pildner.  Fred and Chris participated in the refresher 12 lead updates with Danny Craven and was the crew who suggested the best practice of placing names on the 12 leads with other patient identification.  Fred and Chris have started this practice and have been prompting others to follow suit.  KUDOS for taking leadership on this improvement practice!

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